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CXGuardian is our early warning system when it comes to our application’s availability and performance. Our IT processes have changed due to the insights of CXGuardian and become more robust and fast. VP IT, Large Banking Player, India
CXGuardian helped us identify gaps in our digital application’s performance. We reduced call center complaints by 45% within 3 months of implementation. CEO, A mid-sized retail organization, India
Real-time dashboards and Intelligent Alert Management has reduced our incident response and resolution time. For an organization like us, CXGuardian’s managed services model works out very well. VP IT, A fashion e-commerce player



Real User Experience Simulation

We simulate real user transactions of your mobile or web applications. We use real mobile devices (Android, iOS, etc.) for mobile application monitoring and actual browsers to monitor your website for predefined user journeys. For example: To monitor performance and availability of your ecommerce mobile application, we will perform actual purchase including the money transaction at predefined, periodic intervals.

Monitoring as a Managed Service

Our team of experts monitor your mobile and web applications 24x7x365 on your behalf! Focus on your core business; don’t invest your resources on learning/configuring and managing the monitoring tools. Our team of experts manually validates the errors thrown by the tool and notifies you only when your application has real problem. This saves you from frequent and annoying false alerts.

Real-time dashboards with drill down

The insights into availability and performance of your digital applications will be available through online dashboards with drill-down capability from Application to Transaction to Page level visibility. You will have visibility on the performance and availability of your entire application, business transactions within your application or individual pages/screens in your applications. Track down individual incidents of page errors or performance breaches. Historical data will be available for one year.

Intelligent Alert Management

Configure alert levels on three – L1, L2, L3 – so that individuals or groups receive alerts. Receive alert notifications through any medium of your choice like Mobile App, SMS, Email or Phone Call. Alert gets escalated through the level hierarchy defined unless they are acknowledged in the predefined time period. Privileged users may stop the escalation process acknowledging that the corrective measures are being taken. They may schedule the application downtime, during which monitoring will not be conducted.

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